Arrival of Bimala

24th  May 2017 : We are very proud to announce that the first child has arrived to our home !

Bimala is 6 years old and comes from the Village of Gongang (Rasuwa).
She has two brothers, Bishal (8 year old) and Vijay (4 years old).

In her home village, her parents were farmers but due to the earthquake in 2015 their home was destroyed and are now living in a tent. They are now rebuilding their lives by running a tea shop but still continue to face money concerns and lack of business due to the wreckage. They are unable to support all three children with basic living needs so when it comes to education it is normal not a priority.

Jean-François Rychlak and Julie Bailleul (France) have been the first to sponsor a child through our Foundation and are now making it possible for Bimala to attend school and receive a good education. We thank you for your kind generosity. « Danyabhat ».

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