Bimala TAMANG (Sponsored)

Date of birth : 17/10/2011
Father : Lhakpa TAMANG
Mother : Sonam TAMANG
Village of origin : Gongang, Rasuwa
Date of arrival at the Sahayogi Foundation : 24/05/2017

Sonam TAMANG has known Bimala’s family for a long time. At every Trek on the Tamang Heritage Trail, he meets the parents of the little girl. Very poor, they are both farmers. They tried to take over a business in Gongang (management of a tea room / guesthouse), but without success. The earthquake of 2015 destroyed their house and they now live in a tent, in difficult economic conditions. With no ressources, they encounter many difficulties to support the needs of Bimala and his two brothers (Bishal and Vijay). They would very much like to be able to send their children to school, but they cannot support the costs of this project. Education is not a priority.

In April 2017, through the Sahayogi Foundation, Sonam Tamang offered to Bimala’s parents to find a « sponsor » allowing their 6 year old daughter to go to school.

In May 2017, Jean-François Rychlak and Julie Bailleul (France) pledged to support Bimala for three years, enabling her to live in Kathmandu with Sonam and his family, go to school and receive an education.

Since she arrived in the Nepalese capital, Bimala has been very diligent at school. Her progress are remarkable ! She learns English and French. She is very well integrated in Sonam’s family and willingly participates at the activities proposed by the volunteers.

For each holiday period, she returns to her home village, at her parents’ home. To better return to Kathmandu.

In spring 2018, she successfully passed her exams, and was awarded her first diploma on April 7 2018, at the “Annual Day Celebration 2074”. Congratulations !