Jean-François Rychlak & Julie Bailleul (France)

« In May 2017, while trekking on the Tamang Heritage Trail, we could see the extent to which the mountainous and rural region of Langtang still bears the stigma of the 2015 earthquake. Two years after the disastrous earthquake, it is striking how the population still lives in poor conditions: a destroyed or dilapidated habitat, long and painful reconstruction (without any mechanical help, only by using the strength of the arms and legs), poor and rural population (still living traditionally of agriculture) isolated, children out of school, without real prospect of future…

Deeply touched by these findings, and conscious of our privileged status, we decided to commit ourselves to the Sahayogi Foundation, by funding the long-term schooling of a Nepalese girl (Bimala TAMANG, 6 years old).

For the same reasons that led us to choose the agency of Sonam TAMANG (small family agency, concerned about responsible tourism, solidarity and ethics), we decided to make our donation via the Sahayogi Foundation. Indeed, unlike some Nepalese foundations, which are sometimes seedy and unscrupulous, the Sahayogi Foundation is motivated by a genuine human commitment, real altruism on the part of Sonam TAMANG and the founding members (who themselves were lucky to be « sponsored » in their youth, a fact which profoundly changed their destiny).

Having had the opportunity to spend some time with Sonam TAMANG and his adorable family, to visit the school where the children are sent (Vidhyananda Public School), to exchange regularly with the members of the NGO, it is in confidence that we regularly renew our donation, used in total transparency for the benefit of the children.

Providing quality education to poor children in Langtang means offering them the opportunity to improve their lives, that of their families and the future of their country. Therefore, we invite you to be generous, to help the forgotten children of the Nepalese mountains and offer them a chance in life ! »