Come for a responsible Trek in Nepal

Besides donations and volunteer work, you can help by deciding to go on a trek in Nepal, in particular visiting areas severely affected by the earthquakes of 2015 and deserted by tourists since then.

As explained in the Context section, the earthquakes of 2015 were particularly violent in some mountainous and rural areas such as the Langtang, now abandoned by tourists. Wrongly, since the landscapes remain splendid, the population welcoming, and the conditions of accommodation quite correct !

To deliberately choose to make a trek in these neglected areas means deciding to provide valuable moral and financial support to the local population and to concretely participate in the revitalization of local life.

It is also necessary to know who to turn to to discover these regions in optimal conditions.

Founded by Sonam TAMANG and Renzin Dorjee TAMANG, Tamang Trek Nepal is an association of independant guides. It clusters patented guides who will help you to prepare your journey and will guide you on site. They are qualified in all areas in Nepal, such as Mustang, Langtang (Sonam’ native region), Annapurnas and Everest.

Nepal is one of the most famous place for trekking. This makes it a target for many unscrupulous agencies, which, to increase their profits, do not hesitate to underpay their employees, and to overexploit them (especially the porters who sometimes must carry up to 60 Kgs …).

Tamang Trek Nepal is an association of independent guides, not a travel agency. You are guaranteed the money you will pay will go in full to the guide and its local partners (porters, lodges, etc).

Sonam TAMANG works mostly with members of his family or people from villages around his. The porters with whom he collaborates are usually his cousins. They are paid three times more than they would be with a conventional agency, and they carry “only” 15 Kgs maximum. It is a respectful way to do Trekking.

Sonam TAMANG and its partners are committed to ecotourism, ensuring that Treks have a low impact on the environment, while benefiting the host populations. Responsible travel in natural environments where people’s resources and well-being are preserved.

So, choosing to go with Tamang Trek Nepal means choosing an ethical, supportive, sustainable, and responsible tourism.

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