Élodie & Alban Vidal (France)

« Currently settled in Bangkok, we’ve been lucky enough to visit many countries in Asia through these past years. Our travels made us genuinely aware of the extreme precariousness and inequality faced by many children in remote rural areas. An utterly significant concern when it came down to education. As children and young adults born and raised in France, we were entitled to go to school, then to university. Which was nothing but normality to us. But this couldn’t be farther from being something normal to these kids. Thus it only seems fair to us to work on offering one of them a chance to attend school and to get a thorough education.

Aiming to that, sponsorship looked like both a discrete and efficient way to help, keeping the child rooted on his / her land, close to his / her bearings and family.

While having this reflection going on, we got acquainted with the Sahayogi Foundation promoted with great engagement by one of its volunteer, Julie Bailleul. Sonam Tamang’s story, the way he founded Sahayogi and his remarkable commitment in helping the Nepalese children convinced us to support Lhasi TAMANG, a young girl, who’ll turn 5 next spring, just like our daughter.

We now hope with all our hearts to help Lhasi throughout her many coming school years, to visit her in Nepal and eventually to offer her a chance for a brighter future. »