Other children are counting on your support

Vulnerable children in the Nepalese mountains are still looking for sponsors to join the Sahayogi Foundation (Kathmandu).
More than ever, they are counting on your help !

Vijay TAMANG (09/12/2013)
The Sahayogi Foundation has known the Vijay family for a long time. During each Trek on the Tamang Heritage Trail, Sonam meets the little boy’s parents. Very poor, they are both farmers. They tried to take over a business in Gongang (management of a teahouse/guesthouse), but success was not forthcoming. The 2015 earthquake destroyed their home and they now live in a tent in difficult economic conditions. Destitute, they face many difficulties in meeting the needs of the family. Of course, they would like to send their children to school, but they cannot afford the costs of this project. Their education is not a priority.
Since May 2017, the Sahayogi Foundation has welcomed Bimala TAMANG, the older sister of Vijay. Sponsored, she was able to reach Kathmandu, to be accommodated there and go to school. The Foundation would now like to go further by welcoming Vijay, eager to join his sister and also be able to go to school and have a better future. If it manages to find a sponsor and/or enough donors, the Sahayogi Foundation would be able to accommodate the little boy in 2018.
To obtain more information :

Karina GLAN (04/12/2012)
Karina’s parents are poor farmers. She has a little brother named Binaam (3 years old). The Sahayogi Foundation is counting on your support to provide better living conditions and a future. If it manages to find a sponsor and/or enough donors, the Sahayogi Foundation would be able to accommodate the little girl in 2018.
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It’s back-to-school time

April 2018 is the start of the new school year in Nepal. On this occasion, the Sahayogi Foundation is very happy to welcome its new residents, who have come to live and study in Kathmandu, thanks to their generous donors !

Lhasi TAMANG (sponsored by Elodie & Alban Vidal) and Bikash TAMANG (sponsored by Stéphanie Breton & Grégory Salaun) will start at Vidhyananda Public School, joining Bimala TAMANG (sponsored since May 2017 by JF Rychlak & Julie Bailleul) and Soumit & David, both sons of Sonam.

As for Lopsang TAMANG (sponsored by Marie Olivier & Yony Haidous), he returns to the Superior grade to pursue his goal to obtain a diploma in the hospitality industry.

Welcome back everyone !

Graduation Ceremony

On 7 April 2018, Vidhyananda Public School hosted the school’s “Annual Day Celebration 2074”. In a festive and friendly atmosphere, the students put on a variety of shows in front of a gathering of teaching staff, parents and friends. Not forgetting the official Graduation Ceremony. On this occasion, little Bimala TAMANG (sponsored since May 2017 by Jean-François RYCHLAK & Julie BAILLEUL) received her first diploma. Congratulations !

« Un Tuk Tuk pour Bangkok »

An article about the Sahayogi Foundation has been published in the November-December 2017 edition of « Un Tuk Tuk pour Bangkok », the magazine of the French-speaking expatriates of Bangkok (Thailand).

Thanks for this precious communication sharing !

The Sahayogi Foundation on Youtube
Check-out the new Sahayogi Foundation Youtube Channel :
The social network will be fed over the months with new videos (extracts from daily life at Home, videos of children, videos of volunteers, etc).

Sahayogi Foundation website launched

In this month of October 2017, we are very proud to announce the launch of our website :

Thanks to this website (entirely created, written, edited and illustrated by volunteers), you can discover the story of Sonam Tamang and the Sahayogi Foundation, its projects, its actions, portraits of children to be sponsored, testimonials from donors, and you will also be able to make donations (punctual or recurring) via a Paypal module.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all the people who contributed to the realization of this website :

  • Julie Bailleul : General coordination, project follow-up, writing (French & English), photos
  • Sonam Tamang & Amy Guy : Project follow-up, writing (English), photos
  • Jean-François Rychlak : Project follow-up, Computer graphics
  • François-Xavier Detournière : Advisor and web development
  • Delphine Detournière : Web counsel
  • Dominique Mercier-Carasco : Translation (French & English)
  • Claudia Cordon-Freppel : Translation (Spanish)
  • Thomas Kummernuss & Hélène Mulet & Amandine Couot-Garibal : Translation (German)
  • Steve Mareigner : Hosting PHPNet
  • Pasang Lhamu (Association Solidarity with Thulo Syabru Nepal – France) : Administrative support
  • Thibaud Ringenbach : Photos

Thank you for relaying the information and making the site known to your friends !


Namaste Amy our first volunteer

12th July 2017 : We are very happy to welcome Amy our first volunteer to our home and Foundation. Amy is from the U.K and has volunteered to help teach English at the school (Vidhyananda Public School) and the NGO. Amy has been working alongside the school by supporting English to the teachers and the students during the day and in the evening helping the children with their homework and speaking English skills.
> See her testimony.

Arrival of Bimala

24th  May 2017 : We are very proud to announce that the first child has arrived to our home !

Bimala is 6 years old and comes from the Village of Gongang (Rasuwa).
She has two brothers, Bishal (8 year old) and Vijay (4 years old).

In her home village, her parents were farmers but due to the earthquake in 2015 their home was destroyed and are now living in a tent. They are now rebuilding their lives by running a tea shop but still continue to face money concerns and lack of business due to the wreckage. They are unable to support all three children with basic living needs so when it comes to education it is normal not a priority.

Jean-François Rychlak and Julie Bailleul (France) have been the first to sponsor a child through our Foundation and are now making it possible for Bimala to attend school and receive a good education. We thank you for your kind generosity. « Danyabhat ».

> See the portrait (Bimala Tamang)
> See the testimony (Jean-François Rychlak and Julie Bailleul)



Clothes Donated to the Rasuwa District

14th February 2017 : Today, we visited the Village of Gongang and Thulosyafru in the Rasuwa District to deliver clothes and shoes for the children. These were purchased through donations made by Marie Olivier and her friends from France. Thank you for your donation !

Facebook Page Launched

9th February 2017 : Today, we opened our Facebook page for Sahayogi Foundation !
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