Sponsor a child

To sponsor a child of the Sahayogi Foundation is :

  • Support the cause of Nepalese children and promote their rights ;
  • Participate in the concrete and lasting improvement of the living conditions of the sponsored child and of the whole community ;
  • Correspond with the sponsored child and receive regular information describing his or her progress ;
  • Receive annually the Quality and Financial Report of the Sahayogi Foundation ;
  • Have the opportunity to visit the sponsored child in the NGO’s reception house, or even his family during a mountain solidarity trek, to see the concrete benefits of the sponsorship ;
  • Demonstrate a gesture of solidarity and of responsible and sustainable sharing.

Sponsorship, how much does it cost ?

From 85 euros per month, you can change the life of a child, his family and his community. 

The annual costs of schooling vary according to the child’s educational level.
Logically, the annual sponsorship fees vary proportionally according to the child’s education level :

  • 85 euros per month (ie 1020 euros per year) from class 1 to 4
  • 100 euros per month (ie 1200 euros per year) after class 4. 

These amounts cover all tuition fees, textbooks, school uniforms, food, clothing, and accommodation.

Donations to the Sahayogi Foundation (Nepal) are not eligible for a tax reduction.

Steps in sponsorship :

Step 1 : Get in touch with the Sahayogi Foundation to demonstrate your desire to sponsor a child

Send an e-mail to the NGO to communicate your desire to sponsor a child and to exchange about the practical modalities (contact@sahayogi-foundation.org). 

Step 2 : Fill in your engagement document by personalizing your sponsorship

Fill out and return your signed « Sponsorship Agreement ».

You can choose to sponsor a girl or a boy, or leave the choice to the Sahayogi Foundation.
See « Portraits of Children ».

You can choose to provide for the child’s education for a period of your choice (1 year, 2 years, 3 years or more).
Ideally, the sponsorship of a child takes place over a period of 6 years (until the age of majority or until the end of studies).

Step 3 : Proceed with your financial assistance 

You can choose to pay your financial aid through our on-line donation module ; or via a traditional bank transfer to the Foundation’s bank account (Nepal). 

Ideally, annual sponsorship fees should be paid at the beginning of each academic year. However, the Sahayogi Foundation is at your disposal to agree on other payment terms (quarterly or semi-annual).

Step 4 : Maintain an ongoing relationship with the Foundation and the sponsored child

Thanks to the sponsorship, you will put a face on your act because you will know the child to whom your donations are addressed and you will have the opportunity to forge links with him. 

As a Sponsor, you can correspond (if you wish) with the sponsored child through letters, drawings, photos or videos that you will exchange.
You will also receive information describing the child’s stage of development and transition to the next grade. 

Over the months, information on the actions carried out by the NGO will be published on our various communication media (website, Facebook, YouTube).
At the end of the year, you will receive the Foundation’s qualitative and financial report.

Finally, as a Sponsor, you will have the ability to visit the child in the NGO’s reception house, or even meet his family during a mountain solidarity trek, to see by yourself the benefits of sponsorship. 

Questions about sponsorship?

Sonam TAMANG, Head of Sponsorship and Donations, is available to answer all your questions (contact@sahayogi-foundation.org).